Quick Cum – Your Go-to Guide to Masturbating faster


Do you find yourself too busy doing the humdrum routine work that you almost forget making time for yourself and your partner? Well, guess what? You seriously need a break.

Life gets boring if you do not spice it up. If you’re a man, you probably feel like a horse when it comes to sex (always in for it). A woman, on the other hand, takes her time – just enough to satisfy her sexual cravings. And if you’re wondering what’s it got to do with your daily routine work, we’re right here to tell you just that.

Sex is considered as one of the best physical exercises which aims at improving your cardiovascular health. And not just that! A 25-minute sexual session has been known to burn 69 and 100 calories in women and men, respectively. Well, obviously, 25 minutes sounds like a long time when you’re too occupied with your daily work. That’s where a Quickie comes into play. A quickie can help you to cum quickly and save some time for you.

Follow our cheesy guide that’ll make you horny within minutes:

Foreplay Can Get You Wet Easily


Before you can cum, you need yourself to get into the mood. And a good foreplay can do the job for you. Consider it as an appetizer – like a bowl of soup that gets you going (wanting for more) before you hit the main course. If you’re making out with your partner, you can begin slowly with a kiss. Ask him about his wild fantasies – get him completely involved into you. Does caressing your breasts turn you on? Or maybe sucking your nipples? Or fingering your V for that matter? Whatever it is, ask him to do it for you. Foreplay is all about arousal building. These little arousal activities can get you in the mood and make you wet easily.

Going Solo? Try Using a Toy or your Fingers


You might have heard people ranting about the fact that masturbation is meant for singles which is completely absurd. No one can pleasure your body like you can because you’re the one who knows every inch of your body.

Try pleasuring yourself with your fingers. Lube it up! Lube adds some extra juice to your sensual moments. Lubricating your fingers and inserting them inside your V can provide you more pleasure and make you cum. And if that doesn’t do the job, you can opt-in for a Vibrator or a Dildo instead. Vibrators are sex toys that have various vibration-set patterns that induce buzzing sensations and make the whole session even more enticing. Pop it in and turn it on!

It’s not necessary that finger play or a vibrator will turn you on at an instant. And so, it becomes important for you to understand your body fully and go with the flow. After all, you’re the one who knows better about her cravings.

Watch a Porno!

Physical stimulation is a thing, and so is mental stimulation. While you may not have enough time to indulge yourself in erotica, you can still vouch for some juicy porn videos. There are plenty of them on the Internet and we have saved one for you which has got a huge collection of female-friendly pornos. It’s called Good Vibrations After Dark – a cheesy name for your cheesy moments! While you’re looking forward to spicing up things as quickly as possible, it becomes essential for you to immerse yourself completely into the heat of that particular moment.

Do the Dirty Talking

Enough of the solo play, aye! It’s time we talk about having a fruitful session with your partner. When the two of you are finding ways to pleasure yourselves, it’s important that you talk to each other about your bodies and get things heated up. Spend some time to understand each other’s bodies and talk about the things you want to do. Ask him how he feels when you scratch his balls or tell him about the pleasure you get when he licks your clit. Let him explore your body to the fullest. Give him signs of how you feel when he makes a particular move. It’s what you need to make it a pleasurable experience for him and yourself.

Try Out Various Sex Positions  


Ah! Just right there. That’s how it should feel. Maybe your man fancies having anal sex with you but is too shy or afraid to ask you about that. Well, anal sex is a bit painful – no doubt about that. But I’m just gonna be blunt over here and state some real facts.

A lot of women who have had anal sex were able to reach orgasm than the ones who just had vaginal sex. So, yeah! Why not give it a try? If it doesn’t please you, you can definitely ask your partner to stop.

The CAT and the Girl On Top positions are the best to stimulate the clitoris and give you a mind-blowing orgasm.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot try anything else that makes you both comfortable and give pleasure. Try out various other positions and see which ones actually make you feel like a queen, hungry for sex.

Remember that it’s the clitoral stimulation that every woman needs to make her orgasm.

What is it that Gives You Pleasure? Think of it


It’s just not about sex, right? There are obviously tons of other things that give you pleasure. Try to think of them. Do a good shower and your favorite music give you pleasure? Or when your partner makes eye contact with you? No one knows what’s going on in your mind better than you. Try to activate those pleasure centers of your brain by indulging in the tiny things that give you pleasure. And I’m damn sure that you would just fall in love with everything that you do to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Don’t Forget to BREATHE!

Oh, come on man! I’m asking you to make me cum and you’re telling me to breathe.

That’s right! Most women get so caught up with their hands that they almost forget to breathe. Whether you’re having a good time with your partner in bed or pleasuring yourself on your own, don’t forget to breathe. It seems easy, right? When you focus on your breathing, you develop a stronger connection with your body which helps you to hit that orgasm perfectly. So, just, Inhale and Exhale!

And before I just leave you to go and spend some time with yourself, I’d suggest you to stop overthinking about masturbation. Be gentle with yourself and take things slowly. After all, self-pleasure is all about loving yourself and possibly doing things that would make you feel good.


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