Zithromax (Azithromycin) is an antibiotic which is used to treat various bacterial infections. It is useful in the treatment of various infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It can be taken with or without food.

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We most certainly are in a world brimming up with crispy, crunchy, yummy and yet unhealthy foods. But not just that! We also do not have as much pure air as our ‘ancestors’ did! It is a cruel world we live in! And by cruel, however, it just doesn’t mean that humans today are crueler than they were yesterday. There are just so many infections and their causatives. Exponentially more than the number of humans that ever walked the earth. And we now walk more to our doctors than we did earlier. This, in turn, accounts for a heap of unwanted consultation fees and prescriptions.

So, what if we could treat our ‘little issues’ ourselves, over the counter? Avoiding the doctor is indeed a common thought, but not many of us know how to go through with it.


All the Good Things that Azithromycin Does!

To talk about, there are a number of antibiotics that can be (and are) used for the treatment of the numerous bacterial infections, ones that we hail quite often. And among the most known of which antibiotics is Azithromycin. A macrolide-type antibiotic – it works by stopping the growth of bacteria. It is used as a wide range antibiotic to treat a lot of infections, ranging from ones in the middle ear, strep throat, pneumonia, to traveler’s diarrhea.  It is also used to treat certain other intestinal infections.


But still, is it just these? Azithromycin is also an approved treatment for Chlamydia, a common, sexually transmitted infection. One that may not cause symptoms (except for some having painful urination) but affects people of all ages — although it is most common in young women. And it can still be transferred through sexual contact (or otherwise). How?

It can be spread through pregnancy, labor or nursing, by a mother to her baby, or by having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex. Now, Chlamydia is not good because it doesn’t show symptoms but can lead to preparing the stage for various diseases. Those being trachoma, psittacosis, and non-specific urethritis to name only a few.


What to do if you wish to get over with the problem all by yourself? Most certainly, get Azithromycin over the counter, but how? Is there actually an over the counter antibiotic for it? (Because why not! We have all sorts of “no script required” treatments for flu and other commonplace daily events.)

Or is Azithromycin sold over the counter?


Where to Get Azithromycin ‘Over the Counter’?

In our immediate reality, there is not much to worry about. We, at Cheap USA Pharmacy, have a solution for you to treat yourself for every possible problem that one could have to deal with, ever! And Azithromycin is most certainly a major part of the tale. Now although Azithromycin does need a prescription, it is only when you visit a doctor. When you do not, you only need to know what you need a particular drug for and when.


Coming to terms with Chlamydia — although it might sound convenient, it isn’t very conveniently so. This is also because of its spreading frequency. When a doctor writes a prescription for treatment of Chlamydia, it is not only for the one diagnosed with it but also for their partner (or partners). And while an OTC treatment, from us, for the problem is completely safe, it might not be easy for you to talk to your partner.


But if you’ve done that already, there’s not much that remains. (Except for the fact that apart from the probably harsh and disappointed talks, you’ll also have to avoid having sex for a while.) It can be a hard time, but then if abstinence helps, it helps!


How and When to Take the Drug?

In the case of Azithromycin for Chlamydia, a single dose of the antibiotic is suggested in daily routine for at least a week. However, if you begin feeling better, that is from the unusual aches and burning sensations, it is suggested that you do not leave it midway until a complete dosage is done with.


And what to do before and after?

As it is, complete abstinence from carnal pleasures is suggested for a week while you and your partner both are on the doses, which is only done to stay clear of reinfection.

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