From Sleeping at Work to Staying Awake for 12 Hours, This is How Modalert 200mg Helped Brian

From Sleeping at Work to Staying Awake for 12 Hours, This is How Modalert 200mg Helped Brian

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Hello everyone! I am Samuel Wickfield and I welcome you all to a fresh new episode of our podcast series ‘Men Who Bravely Fought the Battles of Life’. We’d like to thank our sponsor for today’s podcast, Cheap USA Pharmacy. Our friends at Cheap USA Pharmacy are doing a wonderful job by providing all generic medications at pocket-friendly prices. 

Today’s episode is about Brian who is 32 years old and works as a Customer Support Executive at a tech firm. He is suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder due to which he’s unable to keep up at work. Brian started taking Modalert 200mg tablets before his work shift which has improved the symptoms of his problem. 

Brian shared his story with us and here’s what he has to say:

I had always been that morning person who’d wake up by 6 in the morning and go out for a run. I’d sleep by 11 at night and get a good sound sleep of 7 hours. I’d grind myself during the day studying, running errands, and making money by working at a nearby coffee shop. I had a way with people from the very beginning which led me to the field of Customer Support. I always wanted to help people in some or the other way and here am I, working at a tech firm for the last 7 years or so as a Customer Support Executive. I was doing rotational shifts initially which messed up my biological cycle. I wasn’t able to sleep properly and would show up at work feeling stressed and exhausted. The same happened for a year or so. I started suffering from various digestion-related issues and took some OTC meds to get relief for a while. When I’d return home from work, I’d wake up in the middle of my sleep and wouldn’t be able to sleep again. The same continued for a long period of time. I thought of reaching out to my doctor for the same and he told me that I was suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder. He added that it was due to the rotational shifts that I had been doing that messed up my circadian rhythm and I couldn’t sleep well. I had never been so lethargic and unproductive. I’d hung up calls in between because I was sleepy and couldn’t concentrate at my work. Caffeine has also played a major role in my life by keeping me awake at situations when I needed to. However, it wasn’t something that I’d been looking for. Long after I consulted my doctor for treatment, he prescribed me Modalert 200mg tablets and told me to take one pill an hour before my work shift. I did some research from myself and found that this medicine contains Modafinil which keeps you alert and awake for 12 hours or so. I was shocked to see the results of this medication. The first time I took this medicine, it felt like I was on top of the ninth cloud. I’d listen to every query of the customer and respond to them in no time. This medication has really helped me, and to be honest, it has saved my job as well. It actually makes me feel alive. My sleep quality has also improved and I get to have a good sleep after the effects of this pill weaken after 12 hours or so. 

Well, thanks Brian for sharing your story. I guess your story would actually mean something for others who are suffering from the same problem as yours. 

So, if you guys are also suffering from Shift Work Sleep Disorder or any other sleep-related disorder, don’t forget to see a doctor and get yourself a prescription for Modalert 200mg.

If you liked today’s episode, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks for tuning into our podcast today.  I am Samuel and I’ll catch you guys on the other side.

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