How Minoxidil Helped Steve Recover from Alopecia

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How Minoxidil Helped Steve Recover from Alopecia

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Hello everyone! I am Samuel Wickfield and I welcome you all to a fresh new episode of our podcast series ‘Men Who Bravely Fought the Battles of Life’. Before we begin today’s podcast, we’d like to thank our friends at Cheap USA Pharmacy who are doing a wonderful job by providing all generic medications at pocket-friendly prices. 

Today’s story is about Steve who is 28 years old and runs a bakery. Steve was suffering from Alopecia and his condition became so severe that he started losing volumes of hair daily. He was given a dose of Minoxidil 10mg tablets which were meant to be taken daily.

Here’s what Steve has to say:

I had always been that lonely guy in the neighborhood who wouldn’t talk to people. I always felt cornered as I was bullied during my school and college days. I remember the time when I started my bakery shop, which was like, 4 years ago and I saw something in myself that I could possibly turn this baking passion of mine into a new business. I couldn’t see the early signs of hair loss. It all started from losing small patches of hair. I would wake up daily and find some hairs on my pillow. When I’d take a shower and comb my hair, some of my hair would stick to the comb. But I just kept ignoring it that it isn’t something serious. I tried various shampoos and stuff so that the problem wouldn’t affect me in running my business. But I was taken aback when I noticed that I had only a bunch of hair left on my crown. I somehow started losing my confidence and couldn’t look myself in the mirror. One of my friends who was going through the same problem suggested that I see a doctor. He told me about the medications that he had been taking that he purchased from an online pharmacy. The doctor diagnosed the problem and told me that I was suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, what we call as Male Pattern Baldness. He put up various questions regarding the early symptoms and it was everything that I had been ignoring all this time. However, the doctor assured me that the problem can be treated with the help of certain medications. He prescribed me Minoxidil 10mg tablets which I purchased from Cheap USA Pharmacy owing to their reputation and the quality that they’re known for. 

I have been taking these tablets daily for the past 5 months and I can already see a change in myself. My crown looks the same as it was before and the hair have already started growing. My scalp looks great and I feel more confident about my personality. When I started using these tablets initially, I experienced an immense amount of hairfall. My doctor told me that the hair follicles grow new hair and so this causes the old hair to fall out. The thing that I love about this medicine is that my hair look completely natural. I cannot thank my doctor enough and the team of Cheap USA Pharmacy for helping me walk out of this gruesome situation. 

We are glad to have partnered with the team of Cheap USA Pharmacy. They take a deep interest in their patients which makes them feel safe and reassures them that everything is being taken care of. 

So, if you are one of those persons who’s ignoring the early signs of baldness, it’s time for you to see a doctor and get a dose of Minoxidil. Log onto today.

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